Toyota Kijang 1993

Toyota Kijang 1993

By Bernadette Churchill
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The Kijang was also sold in other countries, and is known as the Toyota Qualis in India and Nepal (third generation), Toyota Zace in Vietnam and Taiwan (third and fourth generation), Toyota Unser in Malaysia (fourth generation) and Toyota Stallion in Africa for the basic models (third and fourth generation), with higher specifications labelled Toyota Venture (third generation) and Toyota Condor in South Africa (fourth generation). 1992 Toyota Kijang Deluxe LSX-G (KF52; first facelift, Indonesia)1992 Toyota Kijang Deluxe LSX-G (KF52; first facelift, Indonesia)Toyota Kijang Grand Extra LGX (KF52; first facelift, Indonesia)Toyota Kijang Deluxe SSX (KF42; second facelift, Indonesia)Toyota Kijang pickup (Indonesia)1992 Toyota Kijang SSX interior, with an aftermarket head unit and steering wheel cover1.5 L 5K engine in the 1992 Kijang1.8 L 7K engine in the 1995 KijangTamaraw FX (Philippines) [ edit ]Toyota Tamaraw FX GL (Philippines)In the Philippines, versions of the Kijang were sold as the Tamaraw FX when it was introduced in 1991 as a high side pickup and in 1993 as a wagon. Pre-facelift1997 Toyota Kijang SX 1.8 (KF70, Indonesia)1997–2000 Toyota Kijang LX 1.8 (KF80, Indonesia)1997 Toyota Kijang Rangga 1.8 (KF70, Indonesia)1997–2000 Toyota Kijang Krista 1.8 (KF80, Indonesia)1998 Toyota Kijang LSX 2.4 Diesel Grand Rover Ace (LF80, Indonesia)First facelift2001 Toyota Kijang LGX 2.4 Diesel (LF82, Indonesia)Toyota Kijang LGX (Indonesia)2001 Toyota Kijang Krista (Indonesia)2002 Toyota Kijang Standard Deck pickup (KF60, Indonesia)Second facelift2004 Toyota Kijang LGX 1.8 EFI (KF82, Indonesia)2004 Toyota Kijang LGX 1.8 EFI (KF82, Indonesia)2003 Toyota Kijang Krista 2.4 Diesel (LF82, Indonesia)2002–2004 Toyota Kijang Krista 2.0 EFI (RZF81, Indonesia)Unser (F80/F82 - Malaysia) [ edit ]The fourth-generation Kijang was sold in Malaysia as the Unser between mid-1998 to May 2005. [citation needed]1998 Toyota Revo GLX (Philippines)1999 Toyota Revo SR (Philippines)2000–2002 (F80/F81)For 2000, Toyota revised the Revo, with badge changes and trim line revamp. [citation needed]2003–2005 Toyota Revo DLX (Philippines)2003–2005 Toyota Revo GLX (Philippines)2003–2005 Toyota Revo SR (Philippines)Condor (F80/F81/F85 - African Markets)/Stallion (F60 - South Africa only; Panel Van) [ edit ]The Zace Surf, Condor and Stallion are high-roof station wagon based on the long-wheelbase Kijang wagon.

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Astra dan Toyota Motor Corporation, memberikan jawaban atas kebijakan tersebut dengan memprakarsai kelahiran Toyota Kijang dengan bantuan prinsipal Toyota. Mesin yang digunakan adalah mesin Toyota Corolla pada zamannya dengan tipe 3K berkapasitas 1200 cc dengan transmisi 4 percepatan. Pada generasi ini, konsep Kijang sebagai kendaraan angkut mulai bergeser sebagai kendaraan penumpang sekalipun banyak Kijang generasi sebelumnya juga dimodifikasi sebagai kendaraan penumpang. Pada generasi ini juga masih terdapat varian pick up, meski tidak lagi menjadi konsep utama Toyota Kijang seperti generasi sebelumnya. Berbeda dengan generasi sebelumnya, pintu bagasi bagian belakang pada Kijang generasi ini dibuka ke atas seperti pada hatchback, bukan lagi ke kanan.

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