Toyota Hilux Atau Mitsubishi Triton

Toyota Hilux Atau Mitsubishi Triton

By Piers Springer
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Below is the detailed Cars comparison, based on price, specifications & other features, of Mitsubishi Triton and Toyota Hilux. Mitsubishi Triton is priced between Rp 283,55 Million while Toyota Hilux is priced between Rp 277,2 Million. Talking about the technical specifications, Mitsubishi Triton GLX MT Single Cab 2WD houses 2442 engine whereas Toyota Hilux 2.0L Single Cab engine displacement is 1998. Read MoreRead Less

Komparasi Toyota Hilux Vs Mitsubishi Triton Tangguh Mana Moladin

Desain Eksterior Triton Lebih ModernMembahas rivalitas Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi Triton yang pertama adalah dari sisi tampilan eksteriornya. Dimensi Mobil & Bak Hilux Lebih BongsorSelanjutnya, membahas perseteruan Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi Triton kali ini juga mengulas dimensi mobil dan baknya. Fitur Mitsubishi Triton Lebih LengkapBerbicara soal fitur, persaingan Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi Triton juga tak kalah menarik. Sementara untuk Hilux untuk jalur dalam kota Hilux tercatat 11,3 km/liter dan untuk jalan tol 14,3 km/liter. Harga Mitsubishi Triton Lebih MurahSoal harga, Mitsubishi Triton tetrnyata lebih murah dibanding Toyota Hilux.

KOMPARASI Adu Fungsionalitas Toyota Hilux Vs Mitsubishi Triton

Kini, Toyota menyajikan pertarungan ulang Hilux melawan Mitsubishi Triton. Mengacu harga, Triton Exceed dan Ultimate adalah lawan sepantar Hilux G dan V. Lalu, Triton GLS bisa bertarung dengan Hilux Tipe E. Bagaimana HDX? Dimensi dan Daya AngkutPostur tubuh Hilux dan Triton sepantaran dan tidak berbeda terlalu jauh. Beberapa barang di Hilux Tipe V pun belum sanggup mengimbangi comfort features trim termahal Triton. Apalagi ia dibanderol lebih rendah dari Hilux D-Cab Tipe V. Tapi kalau bicara kelas pekerja keras, tampaknya potensi Hilux Tipe E bisa dibilang unggul.

Mitsubishi Triton VS Toyota HiLux

Indeed, that’s the great thing about the HiLux Workmate range - if you know you don’t need 4x4, there are plenty of 4x2 options available. And while this isn’t strictly a driving impression, the strangest thing about the HiLux is that you’re getting some really advanced features for a work ready ute. And there's some turbo lag noticeable with 600kg of weight on board (from our mates at Lower Mountains Landscape Supplies). The lower centre of gravity assists in making the HiLux feel more planted and deal with the weight better than a high riding two-wheel drive, with less pitching fore and aft and nice feel on the road. The D-Max we had with us showed up the HiLux hugely in that respect.

Toyota HiLux vs Mitsubishi Triton Review

The Mitsubishi Triton range kicks off from $24,240 for the entry-level Triton GLX 4x2 cab chassis with a manual transmission. Mitsubishi Triton ColoursThe entry-level Mitsubishi Triton range is available in White, Stirling Silver and Graphite Grey, while White Diamond, Black Mica Impulse Blue and Red are reserved for higher-spec variants. Toyota HiLux ColoursThe Toyota HiLux range is available in Silver Sky, Nebula Blue, Graphite, Eclipse Black and Glacier White. Both the entry-level Triton & HiLux are closely matched when it comes to work commutes and long-distance road trips, and offer a surprisingly user-friendly driving experience for even new drivers. Our Verdict: Toyota HiLux vs Mitsubishi TritonWhile both the Toyota HiLux and Mitsubishi Triton are great value picks to enter the ute segment, we can only crown one winner.

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