Toyota Baby Land Cruiser

Toyota Baby Land Cruiser

By Alison Ince
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Since last fall there have been rumblings of a baby Land Cruiser joining the Toyota lineup, a vehicle said to be called a “Jimny killer” internally. A new report out of Japan suggests that, whatever it’s called, the public could see it as early as next year. As reported by Best Car, the mini Cruiser will be built upon a true ladder-frame chassis shared with the $10,000 IMV 0 pickup. The wheelbase is reportedly going to measure 108 inches, with the overall length, width, and height coming in at 177 x 72 x 73 inches. For comparison, the FJ Cruiser was 184 x 75 x 72 inches.

Baby Toyota Land Cruiser The Cheapest LC Ever May Debut In October As A Compact SUV

Now, it’s been reported that this “baby” Land Cruiser could go by the name “Land Hopper”, serving as the cheapest point of entry in Toyota’s growing lineup of off-road-ready SUVs. The trademark falls under the Class 12 definition, which encompasses such categories as motors and engines for land vehicles, couplings and transmission components for land vehicles, and other parts that may make up said land vehicles. For example, they could revive the well-known FJ Cruiser nameplate for the North American market or opt for an alternative name, such as Compact Cruiser, which aligns with the concept believed to preview the production model. Read More: Do You Think There’s Room For A Baby Land Cruiser In Toyota’s Lineup? While it was previewed by concepts like the Compact Cruiser upon which our renders are based, there’s a chance it could adopt the less playful and more utilitarian styling details of the 250 Series Land Cruiser.

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ Everything You Need to Know

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ won’t be an EV — at least initiallyToyota initially unveiled the Compact Cruser as an EV concept. That report has the Land Cruiser FJ getting the 2TR-FE engine, which is the 2.7-liter inline-four base engine from the second and third-generation Tacomas. Per Best Car Toyota abandoned work on the hybrid engine planned for the Land Cruiser FJ. ToyotaWhen will the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ arrive? How much will the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ cost?

Toyota Previews a Baby Land Cruiser EV SUV

Toyota showed off the Compact Cruiser EV concept today, which channels the essence of the Land Cruiser into a smaller package. Toyota didn't reveal any specifications about the electric powertrain, but the Compact Cruiser looks properly prepared for the outdoors. There's no word on when, or if, the Compact Cruiser EV will reach production, but Toyota has teased a compact off-roader in the past with the FT-4X concept. The Toyota Land Cruiser may have departed the U.S. market (unless you count its Lexus sibling), but it appears that Toyota is looking to bring back its ethos in the form of a small EV crossover. With four doors, a tall and boxy body, short front and rear overhangs, and big fender flares, the Compact Cruiser looks off-road-ready and adventurous.

Baby 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Has Almost Arrived Currently Only in Digital Form

Like many other outlets, they too – along with their resident pixel master – have envisioned on more than one occasion the rumored 'Land Hopper' and the potential 'Land Cruiser FJ. 'Now they have new renders of the baby Land Cruiser that will presumably clash with Ford's rugged Bronco Sport if it becomes a reality and gets introduced to the US market, too, not just some far-away international markets. As for what's under the hood, no one really knows precisely since even the 2024 Land Cruiser has different powertrains based on regional needs.However, don't expect the 326-hp i-Force Max to get dropped in the lighter and more compact 'baby' Land Cruiser. Instead, we suspect that something from the Corolla Cross or Corolla Cross Hybrid will be deemed a lot more appropriate and economically feasible for the compact SUV. Secretly, though, we hope Toyota amazes everyone and launches this with Prius Prime's 220-horsepower plug-in hybrid setup.

Toyota primes baby Land Cruiser to take on Defender

The new electric cars will follow the new ‘core’ Land Cruiser. Humphries added: “Our customers trust in us to keep Land Cruiser relevant and thriving toward the future.”Toyota Compact Cruiser: What we know so farToyota Compact Cruiser concept front quarterPreviewed as a concept but looking nearly production ready, the Toyota Compact Cruiser is a squat, rugged family SUV that attempts to offer the spirit of the Land Cruiser in a smaller, more affordable guise. Humphries said Toyota is evaluating how to make the Land Cruiser line-up “more affordable” and “within reach of even more people around the world” as it electrifies. The visual relationship with the new combustion-powered Land Cruiser is clear. Toyota Land Cruiser SE: What we know so farToyota Land Cruiser SE Autocar renderAt the other end of the expanded line-up will be the much larger and more luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser SE.

The Toyota Baby Land Cruiser might actually look like this

The new Land Cruiser is not the only Toyota off-roader coming onto the market in the near future. There has long been talk of a "baby Land Cruiser". A compact model from the Japanese manufacturer that could become a direct competitor to the Suzuki Jimny. Real cruiser DNA (a little bit Land and a little bit FJ)The shape of the miniature Land Cruiser is said to be based on the concept of the Compact Cruiser EV. Mini-Toyota Land Cruiser als Rendering von Motor1It is expected that the small Land Cruiser will be equipped with permanent four-wheel drive and can count on a robust chassis (perhaps with a ladder frame) derived from the Japanese brand's TNGA platform.

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