Apa Itu Pt Astra Daihatsu Motor

Apa Itu Pt Astra Daihatsu Motor

By Alexandra Watson
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overseas business Company DAIHATSU

overseas businessDaihatsu rolls out e:S technologies in its core overseas markets of Indonesia and MalaysiaDaihatsu’s overseas business is centered on Indonesia and Malaysia. The Ayla (sold as the Agya under the Toyota brand) and the Axia were designed specifically for Indonesia and Malaysia respectively. The key to achieving thorough cost reductions and high-quality—both of which are indispensable to Daihatsu’s method of vehicle manufacture—lies in the company’s independently developed production technologies. (PGMSB) in Malaysia utilize production systems that incorporate a version of the Japanese SSC concept that has been optimized for local markets. In order to expand the SSC concept overseas, Daihatsu has succeeded in adapting the approach that underpins high-quality Japanese manufacturing to suit local environments.

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